katarina-victor-thomasKatarina.V, sculptor, corresponding member of the Institut de Paléontologie Humaine and member of the Monegasque National Committee of the UNESCO international association of European art, specialises in creating highly symbolic bronze statues. Her two new works, la Dame à la sphère and la Dame au biface, evoke two fundamental stages in the evolution of cognition and the emergence of conscience which led the early hominids to modern man, symbolised here by two women who embody beauty.





statue lumley

Bronze sculpture in tribute to Professor and Mrs. de Lumley unveiled by His Serene Highness Albert 2nd of Monaco on 22 July 2014 in Tautavel, in the presence of Her Excellency Ms. Thevenoux, Ambassador of Monaco to France.


Unveiling of the sculpture by H.S.H. Prince Albert 2nd of Monaco




"In tribute to Henry and Marie-Antoinette de Lumley"



La Dame à la sphère - La Dame au biface

As part of the celebration for the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Arago Cave prehistoric excavation site - which saw the discovery of the skull of the Tautavel Man, Arago XXI, an evolved European Homo erectus which is 450,000 years old - the sculptor Katarina.V created two statues evoking the emergence of symbolic thought and the birth of the aesthetic sense, two major characteristics of humans.

La Dame à la sphère

Symbolic thought, one of the characteristics of humans, showed itself over two million years ago with early men. They made faceted spheroids or sub-spherical shaped polyhedrons, in which almost all the surface points are equidistant from the centre, cut out of hard rock.

dame a la sphere


 La Dame au biface

The aesthetic sense , another specific feature of humans, emerged over 1.6 million years ago with the biface tool, a stone tool with two bilateral cutting edges of bilateral and bifacial symmetry.

dame au biface

 La Dame de Cavillon

Bronze et reconstitution d'une coiffe préhistorique faite par l'atelier de moulage de Tautavel.
Une sculpture vendue aux enchères au profit de l'Institut de Paléontologie Humaine Fondation Albert Ier, pendant la soirée caritative a Monaco, le 29 septembre 2015

dame de cavillo